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Home Security System

Home Security Systems are designed to protect you, your home, and your valuables. Some systems not only can warn you of intruders, but also can notify monitor smoke and carbon monoxide and include video surveillance. Some systems are also linked into your home's wiring, heating or lighting systems and use your mobile phone or computer to control them. There are varieties of home security options when looking to secure your house. No matter what system you pick, the end-goal should be the same: safety, security, peace of mind and an added resale feature down the road. Here are some tips about what to look for in a home security system.

Monitor & Watch Your Baby Safely

Now you can easily watch your sleeping baby from anywhere in the house with the Portable Monitoring System from Expandable up to 4 cameras, you'll never have to worry about "growing out" of your safety investment. In addition to being portable, you have to option of connecting your baby monitor to an external source such as your mobile phone or a TV or computer monitor to give you a larger viewing screen.

Safety audit

Before installing a home security system, do a “safety audit” of your home and property to determine all possible points of entry including windows, doors and skylights. Do you have a thick canopy of trees or bushes on your property? Your landscaping might offer ample hiding spaces for intruders.

Wireless vs. hardwire

A home security system generally consists of detectors or sensors, speakers, lights and a computer or control pad that links everything together. There are two main kinds of systems: hardwire and wireless. Hardwire systems are more complex, and involve cords and wires. Only a professional should install them. A wireless system is easier to install, Wireless doesn’t require draping cords throughout your home.


Motion sensors detect physical movement in your house or yard. When movement is detected, an alarm turns on & work. Heat sensors are also helpful. These sensors detect sudden changes in room temperature, caused by the presence of a warm-blooded burglar or a fire.

Lights, camera, action

Security lighting that activates when a presence is detected on your property at night makes an excellent weapon in your home security arsenal.

Video monitoring systems

Video surveillance cameras can be either installed in plain view or hidden. In plain view, they might frighten off potential burglars. You run the risk, however, of having your cameras disabled by determined intruders. A hidden camera won’t scare anyone but it will provide useful footage for police in case of a home invasion or break-in. Even fake cameras in plain sight might be helpful.

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